Reolink Duo 2 Battery – Smart Dual-Lens 6MP Battery Camera with 180° View

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  • 180° Panorama*
  • 2K+ / 6MP Quad HD
  • Person/Vehicle Detection
  • Battery/Solar Powered
  • Color Night Vision
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Two-in-One, for a Smooth 180° Panorama

Have everything under your nose without blind spots. Reolink Duo 2 seamlessly combines two camera view into one ultra wide-angle image. Images from the two lenses are merged to bring you a 180-degree panorama* with no gap and less distortion.

Dual Lenses

180° Wide Viewing Angle*

Keep You Safe, Day & Night

Intelligent Motion Detection

When a person, vehicle or other moving object approaches your home, the camera will smartly tell their differences and send you accurate alerts. Its spotlights and siren will also be triggered to deter unwanted intruders.

*Note: Currently, pet detection is used to detect dogs and cats and is in beta testing.

Two-Way Audio: Listen & Talk

With built-in microphone and speaker, the camera transmits not only images but also sound. You can freely talk to your family and friends, or warn suspicious strangers.

2K+ 6MP Quad HD

With 6MP high resolution, Reolink Duo 2 gets you 2K+ sharper images and videos. Check what’s happened with details captured in the ultra-wide and clear view.


Clear Night Vision with Color

Night vision has been greatly improved with eight powerful spotlights and six infrared LEDs. You can view clear details in full color and get your home well protected day and night.

Dual Lenses

180° Wide Viewing Angle*

Multiple Recording Options

This smart IP camera supports motion-triggered, or scheduled recordings. All the videos can be saved to the micro SD card or Reolink Cloud Server. Choose a way you like and enjoy customized security.

Micro SD Card Slot

Supports up to 128GB micro SD card (not included).





Figure based on the default bit rate of the cam (4096 kbps per channel). Actual recording time depends on the settings. Results may vary.

Easy Installation & Control

Battery or Solar Powered

*Reolink Duo 2 Battery ONLY works with the latest Reolink Solar Panel (Optional) with USB Type-C interface.

Stay Weatherproof & Reliable

Encased in the rugged housing, Reolink Duo is IP66 waterproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Indoors and outdoors, it always works so well to protect your home.

Remote Access & Control

Reolink App & Client are great for you to quickly configure the camera and make full use of its magnificent functions.

Real-Time Alerts

When the camera detects something suspicious, it will immediately send real-time alerts to your device with a snapshot so that you can take quick action.

Live View from Everywhere

Wherever you are, you can always know what's going on in your home with live video and audio. Take your phone when going out and everything is under control.

Easy & Smart Playback

Replaying recordings is so easy when you locate them by date and timeline. Sharing fun moments or keeping crucial evidence, you won't miss any important events.

Customized Motion Zone

Your privacy is highly valued. You can freely customize the motion zone by masking out the area where you don't want the camera to detect motions.

More Versions Suit Your Needs

Besides Reolink Duo PoE, there are other three versions of the dual-lens camera for you to choose from. You can always find the most suitable one to protect what you care about in all places.

100% wire-free; affordable and portable to guard your home.

Mobile 4G battery-powered cam, especially ideal for outdoor areas.

Works perfectly with dual-band WiFi and one power cable.

What’s in the Box & Setup Guide (with Video)

Reolink Duo 2

1m Network Cable

Mounting Plate

Mounting Hole Template

Quick Start Guide

Surveillance Sticker


Pack of Screws

Waterproof Lid

*The data on the pages above are obtained under specific test conditions. Actual use may vary.


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