Junction Box D20

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Conceal and protect the Ethernet cable and RJ45 connector of PoE cameras from the elements and potential vandalism. Help you have a clean and easy installation.

Designed for: RLC-822A ,RLC-842A ,RLC-1220A ,RLC-820A ,D800 ,RLC-520A ,RLC-520 ,RLC-422 ,RLC-522 ,RLC-423 ,D400 ,RLC-420 ,RLC-823A ,RLK8-1224D4-A ,RLK16-1224D8-A ,RLK8-1200D4-A ,RLK16-1200D8-A ,RLK8-824D4-A ,RLK16-824D8-A ,RLK8-820D4-A ,RLK8-800D4 ,RLK16-820D8-A ,RLK8-520D4-A ,RLK8-520D4 ,RLK8-420D4 ,RLK8-410B2D2 ,RLK8-520B2D2 ,RLC-824A ,RLC-1224A

What’s included: Junction box D20 x1

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