Reolink Solar Panel

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Connect your Reolink solar-powered camera to this solar panel with a 4m connection cable (included) to get non-stop power.

(Download Quick Start Guide)

Designed for: Reolink Battery-Powered Cameras with Micro USB interface ONLY: Argus 3-4MP, Argus 3 Pro,  Reolink Go,  Reolink Go Plus,  Reolink Go PT,  Reolink Go PT Plus,  Argus 2,  Argus Eco,  Argus 2E,  Argus Pro,  Argus PT-4MP, Argus PT,  Reolink Duo,  Reolink Duo 4G

What’s included: solar panel x1, 4M connection cable x1, other installation accessories

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